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Are rob and maria dating

The couple, on their way home from a night of dining and gambling in Atlantic City, had pulled off the road so that Rob Marshall could examine a suspicious tire. Marshall was hit over the head in the dark and awoke to find his money gone, and his wife murdered.

In fact, the deep examination of persons and places that often enriches the true-crime narrative and establishes its importance in contemporary letters is lacking here.

Without apology, he describes its development and its mores in such snide terms that his voice becomes intrusive and nasty.

It is obviously his position that Rob Marshall, in his shallowness and avarice, was a perfect reflection of the town and therefore his crime was connected to its values.

THERE is a new Coronation Street couple in town ­— but for once their relationship isn’t at the mercy of the scriptwriters.

I can reveal the soap’s stars DANIEL BROCKLEBANK and ROB MALLARD are dating after enjoying a string of secret meetings away from the cobbles.

Where the book fails is in its attempt at broader social commentary.

From the beginning, Joe Mc Ginniss, the author of ''Fatal Vision'' and other books, makes it clear that he loathes Toms River.

But his story of robbery and murder just didn't make sense.