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Following the American Civil War in the United States, mediums did significant business in presumably allowing survivors to contact lost relatives.

The Fuld name became synonymous with the Ouija board, as Fuld reinvented its history, claiming that he himself had invented it.

The strange talk about the boards from Fuld's competitors flooded the market, and all these boards enjoyed a heyday from the 1920s through the 1960s.

When you go to the short story section, for instance, you will find 12 pages dedicated to coverage of authors and their works dating from biblical times to the present (1998).” “The wiring and plumbing of the book, its cross-referencing system, is admirably done and very helpful, luring the reader into a roller coaster ride across centuries.

Another notable quality is the rich number of examples, especially of the titles of a legion of important / interesting / fascinating / demented literary works often buried in the sands of time.” “This comprehensive dictionary of literary terms covers much, much more than any other book I've found.

It concisely defines literary periods, critical schools, artistic movements, techniques, genres, structural elements, and the derivations of each.

No term is too obscure for this volume.” In regards to any weaknesses: “This book has a single author, unlike many reference works that have a group of contributors.

Fuld sued many companies over the "Ouija" name and concept up until his death in 1927.