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Cgdo online dating

We built additional My SQL servers for each of the clusters in Ashburn, all in preparation for the primary data center migration in the coming quarter.

The team continued to work on the Universal Language Selector (ULS): the display settings dialog was completed and is now able to show and set Web Fonts.

The lists of languages were tweaked to emphasize those likely to be chosen by the user, based on their location and past selections.

This is the first time that a mobile contribution mechanism is officially supported.

Others ways of contributing to Wikimedia projects using mobile devices are being considered, too.

We added two new major features to the Abuse Filter extension, global rules and global throttling.

These features will allow the creation of filters that apply to all Wikimedia wikis, which is effective for stopping cross-wiki spambots.

Users can find nearby monuments, or search for them on a list.