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He serves his props, but he is straight, so off topic.

Maybe he's watching and waiting to see how the general public reacts to Jason Collins before he comes out? When Ian Roberts came out in Australia people wondered if it would open the door for other gay NRL and AFL players to come out. If Robbie Rogers return to MLS he will be the first openly active male player to do so..

No offense, but people want bisexual and gay athletes to come out in the team sports, the major sexy sports (hockey, basketball, baseball, football). Serious hazing that involves lots of gay stuff that no one thought was gay but just fun. Roberts came out in the 1990s and nobody has come out since. Robbie is still young and is well known in the soccer community both in America and Europe...unlike Jason who was unheard of before his anouncement,old and at the end of his career.

anway I can't believe Robbie walked away from the game at the age of 25 to come out so he could get publicity and promote his underwear line...he's even planning to visit Europe for fashion week.sterotypical! R103 and R108, the Daley Thompson t-shirt was about Carl Lewis.