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But she was ready to compete, and promised fans watching online that she would train just as hard as, if not harder than, anyone else. Pakozdi, 25, an experienced gamer, has said she always expects a certain amount of trash talk.

Even so, Tom Cannon, co-founder of the largest fighting game tournament, EVO, pulled his company’s sponsorship of the weekly Level Up series, saying that “we cannot continue to let ignorant, hateful speech slide.” “The nasty undercurrent in the scene isn’t a joke or a meme,” he said. Bakhtanians, whose actions during the Cross Assault tournament were captured on video, later issued a statement in which he apologized if he had offended anyone. Sarkeesian responded by documenting the harassment, posting online the doctored, pornographic images of herself that her detractors had created.

He also blamed “my own inability in the heat of the moment to defend myself and the community I have loved for over 15 years.” But the issues raised by the Cross Assault episode gained more attention with Anita Sarkeesian’s campaign in May to raise $6,000 on Kickstarter to document how women are portrayed in video games. Supporters of her efforts, aghast, donated more than $150,000, further angering her critics.

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And a backlash — on Twitter, in videos, on blogs and even in an online comic strip — has moved the issue beyond endless debate among gaming insiders to more public calls for change.

Executives in the $25 billion-a-year industry are taking note.

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