Start Dating for ugly girls

Dating for ugly girls

), they’re definitely not as svelte as their Icelandic counterparts, who can be a little thick themselves.

Copenhagen is one of the few large cities I’ve been in the world where I can go several days without seeing an approachable chick.

This was also the case in Bolivia, a place where my dick simply powered down due to lack of arousal.

Unlike girls in Brazil or Poland, there’s no reason for a Danish girl to date down because the sexual market is heavily skewed in her favor.

Denmark is one of those places like Washington DC where you have to work like a fucking mule to get a 6.

The hashtags #beautypageant returns 10,508 photos, #hotornot 14.616 and #amipretty over 5,000.

They contain screen after screen of young women: Some are professionally airbrushed modeling shots, others show very young gap-toothed children posing against a backdrop of stuffed toys.

The result is a surplus of good-looking dudes and a limited supply of hot girls. It was routine to see decent-looking Danish guys with busted Danish girls, but never the other way around.

If I saw a hot Danish girl with a man, he’d always be very good-looking.

She keeps her arms still while hunching her shoulders over like a wild boar, as if she wants to barrel into something.

Sometimes she tilts her head down to add to the masculine effect.

Danish girls have thick, stout builds, with Pepsi can bodies and faces that have come into contact with every branch of the ugly tree.