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Carroll, who used to pay other kids to do his homework for him, says he couldn’t read the court papers his lawyer put in front of him.

He recalls wishing for a new pair of “red, bright-colored shoes” from LA Gear.

While his mom couldn’t afford those coveted shoes, the drug dealer could.

He invokes Warren Buffett in conversation as one of his idols — and in homage to Buffett, one prison official calls Carroll “the Oracle of San Quentin.” Carroll’s interest in investing goes back more than a decade, but his influence has grown since 2012, when he was transferred to this prison, a huge facility that hosts one of the country’s biggest prison education programs.

His arcade-game robberies landed him in juvenile hall, he says.

study published last year found that budget cuts were depressing the number of courses and students in many prison programs.

But Carroll is quick to add that his interests aren’t simply academic, or altruistic. It isn’t possible to independently assess Carroll’s track record: While he says he has brokerage accounts of his own, records that he shared with Market Watch weren’t complete enough to gauge how well his investments have performed.

“From what I hear, I’m one of a kind,” he tells me when I meet him for an interview.