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De streekkrant roeselare online dating

At the time, there were no quality news magazines targeting the small Flemish-speaking population of Belgium, and certainly none that matched the quality of such news magazines as The Observer in England, L'Express in France, or even Elsevier in the Netherlands.

In 1983, Roularta launched another title, Weekendblad; the following year, Knack was separated into two parts, the weekly Knack news magazine, and the lifestyle magazine Weekend Knack.

1971: Roularta launches first Flemish-language news magazine, Knack.

1975: Launch of Trends, a Flemish-language business news magazine.

The driving force behind Knack proved to be Rik de Nolf, who refused to bow to critics who judged the Flemish market too small to guarantee the magazine's success.