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Read what happens to these women and stay tuned for the last in the series, "Jayne's Chains." Isabel Metcalfe's nipples and pussy were still singing their sexy songs when she and husband Peter arrived home from their bondage weekend at Hotel Balmoral, near Cape Wrath, Scotland, with best friends Moira and Graham Mac Peak that summer in 1975.

He promised Isabel would be the first to review his discussion paper on his proposal to the university board of governors to submit a new substance for inclusion in science's Periodic Table of Elements which, when approved, would make him and his chained colleague "rich beyond means," he said.

to watch the evening news and get supper going before watching a bit of telly before bed.

Isabel walked easily into the kitchen, her ankle chains clattering noisily on the vinyl tiles, and saw the registered letter Peter had left for her on the kitchen table when he arrived home before her.

One young stud even asked me for tea at 3 one day but I turned him down smartly." Isabel finished tidying up in the kitchen and noticed the hall clock chiming 9 p.m.

It was Sunday, September 1, 1975, and another work week also lay just ahead for Moira Mac Peak, Isabel's best friend, who had agreed to have her ankles chained for one year during the bondage weekend just past.

Tonight, she was practising walking about the living room to get ready to start her new position as administrative assistant in the offices of the local woolen mill in the small western Scotland town five miles away from their country homes.

The mill agreed to transfer her off the machinery floor, as a "safety risk," to the general office when it became known she would be coming to work in chains.

Their chains are the least of their problems, as the white-slavers had arranged for enormous breast-implant surgeries for each woman, prior to their delivery to East Africa, nude, chained and gagged.