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The everyday hustle and bustle turns into scenes from a zombie movie.

Sticking a gun to the husbands head, some goons came out and grabbed the wife. She also went on to say that the night life in La Ceiba was dead.

What a shame, I had heard some many good stories but now I don’t think I’ll come back to La Cieba.

She went on to tell me a story that made me reconsider exploring La Ceiba in the future. eating lunch with his wife outside of a food stand.

The tourist, who, like you is there to have a good time.

In route to Roatan I would always travel through La Ceiba and kill time in the mall.

There was sooo many fine women in the mall, I would look forward to eating at the food court and watching the lovely ladies past by.

If it wasn’t for family and the beautiful women, I wouldn’t find myself in mainland Honduras.