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Long dating move

Or, if either of you has health issues — physical mental — that are better managed in a certain climate, that is something to keep in mind. What long-term education, career or family goals might affect where you live as well as potential future moves?

But because we were at an age when social circles naturally shift as friends couple up, get married, settle down, have children, and move to the ‘burbs or whatever, things have changed quite a bit.

If, for example, you always dreamed of having your parents babysit your future children full-time and you can’t imagine ever leaving them in anyone else’s care while you and your partner work, that’s an important thing to discuss. You can’t plan everything, of course, but having some general ideas for Plan A and Plan B and Plan C can definitely help you think about what city and what path makes the most sense. Who has a larger/closer social network and who is more dependent on his or her local support system?

Or, if you are in medical school and have no idea where you might end up for your residency, that is definitely something to consider. How does cost of living in your independent cities affect each other, especially considering your long-term career and family goals? This question is challenging and certainly a bit loaded (), but if you’re really honest with yourselves and with each other (and if you’ve had a chance to spend time with one another’s friends), then there’s probably one answer to this that’s stronger than another.

Before I get to those questions though, I need to point out that, if either you or your boyfriend truly feels like you’d be “giving up everything” by moving, then the answer is probably “neither of you should move.” Yes, leaving a town you love, and a job and your friends and family, can be incredibly difficult, but if all of that represents “everything” to you and moving somewhere new, even with or to someone you love, feels like completely starting from scratch, it’s likely that you aren’t a good candidate for moving for love.

Because LOVE, of all things, should be enough that everything else is still just … Now, semantics aside, there are legitimate reasons it’s more convenient, economical, and feasible for one party in a long distance relationship to move toward the other.

One of the reasons Drew was opposed to making the move in our long-distance relationship is because his father, a widower of many, many years, was getting on in age (he’s almost 94 now) and Drew knew how important it would be for him to remain physically close to help with any care-giving.

I, on the other hand, lived in a city where I had zero family, let alone family who were in any way dependent on me. Is one of you at a place in your education, career, or life that makes moving more feasible in the near future than it is for the other?

It just happens to be blue with big clouds floating by all the time). Does either of you have family who are physically (or emotionally) dependent on you?