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Nextar gps map updating

Compare the GPS devices mentioned above side by side.

The programs, maps, and POI data are stored on a 2GB SD card, which comes with 762MB free for photos, MP3 files, or optional features you can buy from Nextar (more on that later).

A basic built-in photo viewer and music player are accessible from the main device menu.

“Nothing frustrates a driver more than being provided wrong or outdated directions.

Nextar is pleased to offer users of many of our most popular GPS units the opportunity to easily update their systems and have the most accurate, current information right at their fingertips.”Installing the updated maps does not require a computer or internet connection.

During navigation, the map view is fairly simple and uncluttered.

A graphic icon along with a "distance to turn" indicator is in the upper-left corner; the name of the next street appears across the top of the screen; in the lower-left, remaining distance, time left, and arrival time are displayed (or you can choose to display only one of the three).

The 43LT includes lane guidance as well as highway signs.