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North Dakota, with its campus in Fargo, came in first.

Its location near Wall Street and Midtown make it an ideal place for business students to both learn and network.

At its Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting.

However, we analyzed each state within the system separately since they can vary in their services and outcomes.

Once the results were tabulated, Rasmussen College nabbed the top three spots in our ranking of best schools for accounting.

There is also a bachelor's degree completion program that can be finished in 18 months.

In the second spot is Rasmussen College - Wisconsin.

Academic advising, career placement and tuition plans are also available.

Withing the School of Business, Rasmussen College - North Dakota offers an accelerated accounting program.

Once the numbers were crunched, the following ten names rose to the top as the best schools for accounting.

Rasmussen College operates a network of campus locations nationwide.

According to a 2016 Glass survey, accounting was one of the 15 highest paying college majors.