Start Online dating dunedin nz climate

Online dating dunedin nz climate

Head slightly bowed, Kotynski sits almost completely still as the woman whose phone number, address and photo he scattered on adult dating profiles across the internet relives the whole sorry ordeal.

Online, she might have been identified c---pigrobyn78 or a woman with a rape fantasy, who even wanted gang rape or torture.

"Come rape me", "I like it rough", "ruin me", the fake profiles on websites such as Adult Friend Finder and Homemade BDSM said. Over three years, some 50 men turned up on the doorstep, even as Night was pregnant with her first child.

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A detective from the Acacia Ridge Criminal Investigation Branch had phoned to say they had a suspect and enough evidence to execute a search warrant on her tormenter.

But it's only now, as the mother-of-one picked up the phone and nervously dialled, that she learned the identity of the man so intent on revenge a court heard he effectively made her a prisoner in her own home.

Another 14 months later Night recounts the conversation in a courtroom, her voice quivering with emotion as her 42-year-old former boyfriend is jailed."I felt physically sick that a man who had said he loved me was capable of doing something so vile and grotesque," she said, husband River's hand a rod of support on her back."I really didn't know how to feel.

After four years his reign of terror was over."Ten metres away, bald and bearded, large frame filling a dark, pin-striped suit, her ex awaits his punishment.

In court, his defence said he was lonely and suffering from anxiety and has been embarrassed by the media attention.

Defence barrister Deborah Holliday denied her client made some of the more extreme posts and disowns the disturbing Photoshops superimposing his ex-partner's head onto the body of women in sexual positions.

Then on Friday, Judge Clare sentences the Redland Bay man to four-and-a-half years in prison, but he can apply for parole as early as May 3 next year.