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Khloe recently raved about her beau Tristan on her website.

But I've also learned to not sweat the small stuff - for instance, if the kids have to eat a peanut butter sandwich for dinner some nights, I'm not a lazy mum - I'm just practical.'At present, Eliza and her partner Ben have got used to doing things in full measures.

She went from being a mum of none to a mother of three - Charlie, Jack and Wolfe - in 12 'very short' months.

'There are also a lot of nappies, a lot of clothes changes and a lot of love between my three babies,' she said.

The young mum had always believed the old wives tale that 'you can't get pregnant if you are breastfeeding' and so said she 'didn't even think about contraception'.

I had always imagined having four, so I'm not opposed to the idea,' she said.'But I'm loving our life as it is.

I feel like we've got the perfect little family.' 'Watching the three interact with each other and being able to observe the bond forming, building up slowly as the twins begin to "get it".

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet peered over her bare shoulder as the sleeve of her black bomber slid down her arm.

She captioned the glowing image, 'This picture reminds me that I need a tan ASAP.' The Kardashian sisters hosted various family dinners throughout the Thanksgiving holiday week, with a precarious cookie showing up on their plates.

They love each other and I can see it,' she explained (the twins pictured)'Our days start about 6.30am - which I think is quite reasonable,' Eliza said, adding they also end around 6.30pm.

'All the stuff in-between involves three-hourly feeding - whether it's Charlie and or the boys who are not onto solids.'She added that this results in 'a lot of mess' and she makes one trip out of the house if she feels able.

She became famous when she fell pregnant with twins just six weeks after giving birth.