Start Resize image proportionally online dating

Resize image proportionally online dating

An image will have been resized proportionately if the aspect ratio (the ratio between the width and height of the image) is preserved, that is if: oldwidth / oldheight = newwidth / newheight This can also be rewritten as: oldwidth / newwidth = oldheight / newheight So in order to preserve the aspect ratio when scaling an image, the width and height must both be scaled by the same factor.

The pointer tool can be used to resize images proportionally.

When resizing a rectangle or a bitmap using the OIP dimensions for width or height, there should be an option to constrain or lock the aspect ratio so the object can be resized without distortion.

This would be very helpful with bitmap images or PDFs.

”image" tool to single click on image object to select it, then please just drag one of the four corners re-size handles outwards or inwards to resize the image proportionally.

If you drag the other re-size handles (left &right re-size handles or top & bottom re-size handles), you have to holding shift key while dragging the handle.

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When the width of height of an image object is changed, the image is scaled to fill the new size of the object.