Start Sean yseult and rob zombie dating

Sean yseult and rob zombie dating

Blasko was arguably the most seasoned musician of the bunch, he had played in Cryptic Slaughter from 1984-1988, then playing in two one release bands Drown, and Suffer.

With over 30 years in the business, its no wonder legendary Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is looking to shed some of the multitudes of items he’s collected and stored over the years! So when the time came to part with some of his collection, of course we were more than happy to meet up with Scott and sift through over 3 decades worth of unimaginable Anthrax goodies - from vintage passes, tour itineraries, posters and clothing to notable guitars, amps and pedals - hands down, some of the coolest, rarest and most personal stuff we’ve ever come across in a long time!

These infamous yellow “Not” shorts were worn extensively by Scott Ian in the late 1980s on various tours, on various continents!

This unique Scott Ian signature guitar is a Washburn USA Custom Shop piece of work!

The pedal still has tape on the bottom from being stuck to Scott’s pedal board! At the time, things were blowing up for Anthrax and they were playing much bigger venues, but the band wanted to play a smaller show at L’Amour for their fans.

Rob has been somewhat silent on the issue since the break up, he usually tactfully answers that he wanted the band to end on a high note, however he has also stated he has “many legit reasons” for not wanting to reunite with the band, even for a one off show, which would possibly indicate some sort of personal dispute.

He has also made some offhand comments about everyone in White Zombie feeding off each others misery, and he seems to regard the solo albums as more “fun” than those experiences.

Featured here is a signed Randall RS 125 XL professional speaker cabinet, used extensively on tour by Scott Ian, starting in 2003 and for most of the 2000s.