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In just under two years after joining WIYY, Rivers increased the station's morning show's ratings by about 65 percent.

Bob Rivers and his Twisted Radio show also produced many non-holiday parodies covering such topics as pop culture, politicians, and the various sports teams and players in the Seattle area.

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He went public with their insult and at that point they took him off the air for the rest of his term. When he left, he thought enough of me to ask me to join him." Arriving at Active Rock radio station KISW-FM in Seattle in 1989, Rivers debuted a morning show with fellow radio host Sean Donahue, also from Baltimore. Rivers brought Spike O'Neill with him; Spike served as sportscaster, writer, and impressionist.

They spent "six weeks of 14-hour days doing production and brainstorming and writing" before their first show on air.

He vowed to remain on the air until the Orioles won a game.