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“After that, I said, ‘No, you probably shouldn’t have,’ ” Morrissette added.

Brown was questioned by Butler County Sheriff’s detectives shortly after Chatman was found dead outside a car near the intersection of Eaton and Warwick roads about p.m., according to court documents.

Brown said he was a back seat passenger in a car driven by Chatman when Chatman stopped the vehicle “and demanded money from him and threatened to shoot him,” according to court documents obtained by this news organization.

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Gibson sometimes shook his head during Morrissette’s testimony.

13, 2017, after a standoff with police following his 911 call in which he said his wife accidentally shot herself in the leg.

Gibson had not been given Miranda warnings when he was placed in a Trotwood cruiser.

Last month he pleaded not guilty to all charges, and Butler County Common Pleas Judge Keith Spaeth set bond at $65,000.