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Thirtysomething dating twenty

Or has our desire to share the details and values of our life with another, just gone unfulfilled and we can no longer set those desires aside?

That's not to say that appearance and physical chemistry aren't important - clearly they are, but now we know there is so much more to a solid relationship.

Each of us will place greater or lesser importance upon certain qualities, but it seems like the most successful - and lasting - relationships we know have a lot of the following traits: Just as the above items might be considered the "go signs" in boomer dating, we also know there are stop signs.

In fact, we can easily take the above line-up and look for the opposites, as things to avoid: So once we find ourselves ready for the world of boomer dating, where do we look?

Is it friendship, mostly for the sake of companionship for the occasions that we want it, or is it for something more serious and long term, perhaps leading to marriage?

The choice here de- pends solely upon what's right for each of us.

Not only is an emotional inventory helpful, it's also important to take stock physical- ly - do we need to shed some pounds, start a workout program, or just improve our health generally?

To enter (or re- enter) the dating market, especially if we see boomer dating as competitive, we need to put the best product forward.

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