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Current building dates back to 19th century and offers one of the best aerial views of the city!

The word Scouse seems to be a synonymous with the Liverpool accent and dialect.

Liverpool’s wealth as a port city helped in the construction of two major cathedrals which dates from the 20th century namely the Anglican Cathedral, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott which played host to the annual Liverpool Shakespeare Festival and has one of the longest naves, the largest organs, the heaviest as well as the highest peals of bells in the world.

As they wind up to the tiny round tube at the top of the tower, the counting is even more interesting!

The first Town Hall in Lviv was built in 1381, however, it was rebuilt many times, and once was completely burnt down during the big fire in 17th century.

Home to Ancient Black African/Chinese Community Besides this, the city is also a home to the ancient Black African community as well as the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

The natives of Liverpool are called Liverpudlians while colloquially as Scousers.

Korniakt Palace – museum’s main building – was a former residence of Jakub Sobieski, the father of Polish king Jan III.