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Breaking up with a narcissist is an emotional roller coaster.

The narcissist will return to see if he can still get his fix from you, or even create supply through your reactions.

The narcissist isn’t ignorant about the pain he’s caused, he just doesn’t care.

However, this causes the narcissist to experience “withdrawal” from not having enough ‘narcissistic supply’.

In his frantic desire to gain a “fix” of narcissistic supply, he will respond in one of two ways.

These boomerang cycles and the conquests make him feel alive and give him a thrill.

This is why the narcissist will use every known lure, going to great lengths to reel you back in again, only to immediately revert back to his old behavior after he has succeeded.

Perhaps the most confusing and difficult thing when being involved with a narcissist is the crazy- making cycles of breaking up followed by the “highs” of making up.

It is an inevitable process that comes with the territory of a narcisstic relationship.

He will return without offering an apology or explanation. the thrill of power- of conquering and controlling.

When his narcisstic supplies run out, rest assured, he will be knocking at your door.

The narcissist will dig deep into his ‘bag of tricks’ to re-conquer his perceived opponent.